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The neat FPS program you love and hate Project is a first-aid video game that plays as a secret agent tasked with finding information about a stolen nuclear tip. Created by Innerloop Studios and published by Eidos Interactive in 2000, this game is also called Project: I’m Logging in and has shown a secret reminder of the Metal System Framework. This produced a series called: Covert Strike.

The Secret Project’s secret agent life follows the story of Agent Jones, who was responsible for the arrest of Josef Priboi for information on the missing nuclear pen. You play through mission levels from different locations where you have to complete goals to get closer to where Pribois is now. They will unlock once you have completed the previous mission. Accompanying Jones throughout the caption is Anya, who gives him her goals by showing locations; (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); You start with 4 weapons: a combat knife with three different weapons. You also have a telescope and a map that includes your progress record and goals. To get more items such as ammo, bombs and medical equipment, you need to explore the current location, but weapons and ammunition can easily be stolen from drawn enemies, as they won’t be lost. Therefore, it is worth being patient and removing all hostile NPCs in order to develop themselves; The game emphasizes stealing, as there are cameras and alarms as well. You can break down security buildings to disable the camera for a few minutes, but this has a timer, so it’s a good idea to destroy them when you can. Alarms can also be turned off by buttons scattered around the web, but are heard again if the enemy is adequately warned. Unfortunately, they often lose your presence; Prepare Your Desire The bad enemy of AI is one of the game’s main villains. They have limited visual acuity and sound – even if you hit one of them with a gun without an upgrade, they generally won’t hear and won’t even be able to see the body if they are too far away . Alarms will also not affect all enemies although, in some ways, this limit may be due to the lack of a non-fatal route that won’t work; Another problem in the game is the complete absence of the rescue system. There are no checkpoints to carry you in the middle of the mission. After death, the mission fails and you are restored at first, and all progress is lost and most messages are long. It doesn’t help that you can’t demolish enemies without making noise, so it makes the game more stressful; The last problem is the lack of condition of most players, although this is not very important in the game. However, it is still frustrating to see the game of shooting using cunning devices and not give players the opportunity to form a team or get into fights like other shooting games of their generation. : Covert’s strike received this status with the ability to save just because fans wanted to score for future cubic games. The project was the most anticipated game of its time, as it had a different style of play compared to other FPS games of the age. However, the severe lack of essential resources and a generally weak AI schedule to respond to players’ actions made the experience unsatisfactory. Amazingly, though, it still became popular and is nowis an unsuitable piece in the childhood of sniper fans.

Project IGI

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